Jarrett Zaffiro

USA custom handmade gitaar! Incl.case!

Een review van "PremierGuitar" over de Jarrett Zaffiro:

"Jarrett is doing the direct sales thing à la Carvin, and they are making a great product at a very reasonable price. These are made-in-the-USA guitars with a one-year parts and labor warranty, and they even give you seven days so you can make sure you like it. Jarrett also seems very open to making the customer happy, which is not only good but necessary in direct sales. As we all know too well, one unhappy customer can mean a lot of lost sales, thanks to the internet. Jarrett can do custom work that includes six body styles and you get to pick the rest. Style, tone, playability and even a nice case—what more do you want? So considering the price, the custom features, quality and just that it is a kick ass guitar, I would recommend it for sure. Ratings-wise, I wound give this guitar a 5, knock off a half point for the pickup rings, but add a half point for the quality-to-price ratio".

Buy if...
you want a high quality American-made guitar at an import price.
Skip if...
I can’t think of a reason. Perhaps if you want a body shaped like a croissant?